Activity Based Costing

Activity based costing or “ABC” is a more accurate method than traditional marginal more >

Cost Modelling

Cost models help companies figure out the cost for certain activities and processes. Cost models can provide the understanding necessary to squeeze supplier margins to the bare minimum / optimum level. read more >

Should Cost

A should cost estimate is created by researching material, labour, overhead, profit and other costs associated with the manufacuring location to create a detailed more >

Deliver cost saving

As well as identify cost reduction opportunities, we can help our client’s to deliver a cost saving project. read more >

Product Teardown

Product teardown involves disassembling a product to identify its components and sub more >

Value Engineering (VA/VE)

Value Engineering (VA/VE) is a structured method for improving the “value” of products and services by examining the function purpose. read more >

CALC4XL Software

We are the UK agent for CALC4XL  software – a low-cost solution for should cost estimating.

The software has been built around Excel but has embedded cost models and is supported by a benchmarking database of global rates and synthetics.

CALC4XL clients are achieving up to 60% cost reduction on commodities such as castings, sheet metal, mouldings, machined parts and PCBAs.

Have a look at the CAL4XL website:

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About us

We are a cost engineering consultancy based in Bedfordshire.

We work with small to medium size businesses to increase their competitiveness by optimising their internal and purchasing costs.

Our cost consultants have extensive experience in Automotive, Aerospace, and industrial manufacturing sectors and the skills and methods are transferable to other sectors.

Our consultants have experience in working with all types of companies ranging from tier 2 suppliers through to OEMs.

We specialise in cost modelling and cost reduction using should cost estimates and technical fact-based negotiations.

We are the UK agent for CALC4XL should cost estimating software – based on Excel and with embedded cost models and an extensive benchmarking database of global rates.

Frequently asked questions

We help our clients achieve a higher level of cost reduction
through the application of cost engineering methods and fact-based supplier negotiations.

We can tailor our offering to any size company.

We have experience in working with Automotive, Aerospace and industrial sectors and our offering is adaptable to all other sectors.

We can handle projects ranging from providing a should cost estimate for a single component through to a complex modeling project which can take months to complete.


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