Deliver Cost Saving

As well as identify cost saving opportunities, we can help our client to deliver the cost reduction.

For simple projects a should cost estimate followed by supplier quotation analysis (QAF) should be sufficient to enable our client’s buyer to negotiate effectively with the supplier.

On a more complex project we can assist in the negotation and delivery of cost reduction by following these steps:

As well as identify cost reduction opportunities, we can help our client’s to deliver a cost saving project.

Here is the typical process:

  • Obtain drawings and information on the product to be studied
  • Create should cost estimate.
  • Obtain detailed price breakdown from supplier.
  • Perform gap analysis and identify areas for further detailed study.
  • Hold initial meeting /¬†call with supplier¬†– to share our findings
  • Allow time for supplier to feedback
  • Hold main negotiation meeting / call with supplier
  • Agree price reduction